About Me

Ben is a professional Real Estate Agent at Memphis Home Connection Realty. He began his career shortly after the housing crash in 2011, primarily working with investors around the country who were picking up homes here in Memphis. Over the past 7 years, he's kept amazing relationships with investors as well as grown his experience into traditional residential real estate.

While remaining an established sales leader year after year, he has lead, trained and encouraged many agents by being Certified New Agent Development Coach for multiple market centers in Memphis. He's been responsible for developing new training modules, positive accountability and goal setting for new and growing agents. Presently serving on the Young Professionals Network board for the Memphis Area Association of Realtors, Ben is always looking at how he can grow his network through not only clients he's served but also through great alliances with other realtors and vendors. Contact Ben Johnson through email (homesfit4you@gmail.com) or phone 901-461-3114.